CASA Y BAÑO is a central office for purchasing and services for stockists of construction materials, an independent company that aims to make warehouses more competitive, more effective and attractive.

It was created to cover a clear need in the sector. A sector that has traditionally operated autonomously without the need for collaboration between warehouses and with very localised competition.

In recent years the economic situation has favoured the implementation in Spain of distribution multinational companies and the concentration of the manufacturers.

Professionalism and grouping are thus converted into two key pillars for the competitiveness of the independent warehouses. CASA Y BAÑO’s objectives are achieved by developing different services, emphasising the negotiation of purchasing terms, advertising, promotion, training and common corporate image.

CASA Y BAÑO as a consolidated group in the sector has an expansion plan for the coming years. The strategic plan envisages the application of partners and an increase in the turnover.


Being a partner allows you to get excellent purchasing terms, offer exclusive products and have a logistic platform with over 15000 M/2, in Galicia, where you do not need stock, we do it for you.

Corporate Image

A common corporate image for CASA Y BAÑO’s partners gives the visibility required to capture new customers.


What requirements are needed to be a partner?

  • That the company’s main activity is the general sale of construction materials.
  • Not belong to another group.
  • Have been in the market for at least 5 years.
  • Be up to date on payments to suppliers and have a credit capacity.

What purchasing obligations are there?

  • There are no purchasing obligations as such, but to reach some important negotiations, there may be commitments where the partner has to make some purchases from certain suppliers all regulated by CASA Y BAÑO.

Does my relationship with my suppliers change?

  • NO, the commercial relationship with the supplier is exactly the same; you are still looked after by both the supplier’s representative as well as CASA Y BAÑO’s representative.


  • Have available a large portfolio of suppliers associated with CASA Y BAÑO.
  • Have a well-known brand in the sector, which helps you to capture new customers and shall strengthen the fidelity of current ones.
  • Increase the profitability of the point of sale through joint marketing actions.
  • Reduction in the time allotted to managing purchases.
  • Solutions to your daily management.
  • Current market information and on purchasing terms.


  • Yes, but by being a partner you shall have better terms with our approved suppliers.


  • NO, partners always retain their business and economic independence.

Philosophy: UNION

With the strength of the Union we generate a high purchasing volume that allows us to obtain excellent terms with suppliers; the confidence of having excellent sales terms, in each of the approved suppliers gives us security when having to sell.

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